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Lawyers for Ghanaian Socialite, Hajia 4Reall have expressed satisfaction over a verdict by a US court to sentence Hajia4Reall to prison for a year on Friday, June 28.

Even though her attorneys had requested a sentence of three months, the judge slapped the Ghanaian socialite with a year and a day jail term in the case of U.S. v. Mona Montrage, 22 cr 617 (JPO).

Her defense team is relieved by the court’s decision which successfully meets their argument for a reduced term compared to the government’s request for 37 to 46 months of incarceration.

“After a 1.5-hour sentencing, U.S. v. Mona Montrage, 22 cr 617 (JPO) comes to a close. Our client was sentenced 12 months and 1 day, over the Government’s request for 37 to 46 months of incarceration.

“We are incredibly proud of the advocacy done on our client’s behalf and the result achieved. Our client will be issuing a statement when she is ready,” her legal team, Fast Law PLC announced following the sentencing.


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Hajia4Reall was hit with a six-count Indictment charges for her role in a series of romance schemes and for laundering the proceeds of those schemes.

She was arrested in the United Kingdom on November 10, 2022, and was extradited from the United Kingdom on May 12, 2023.

In February 2024, she pleaded guilty to the charges before a US Court and her lawyers have since pleaded for a reduced sentence of three months because she is a single mother whose presence in the life of her child is very imperative.

But the US Attorney’s Office has countered strongly, citing similar cases to argue for the full 37-month term.

To the US Attorney’s Office, a reduced sentence will not be fair and will not serve as a proper deterrent to people.

Ghanaian socialite, Hajia4Real named the father of her daughter as the man who introduced her to internet fraud.

According to her, she met Allison in 2015 and fell in love with him in the United States of America without having any knowledge of his fraudulent activities.

She later discovered he was into fraud, something he introduced her to and got her involved in.

Reports suggest that Hajia4Reall was involved in a $2 million romance scam. She allegedly communicated with one of her victims multiple times and received wire transfers totalling $89,000, purportedly to fund an unexisting business, ‘The Enterprise’.

On Friday, June 28, Hajia4Reall was sentenced to prison for a year and a day without ICE detention.

She will not be held for an additional 48hours in prison when released