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The Chief of Gauso –a suburb in the Obuasi Municipality of the Ashanti region –Dramani Karim Gauso, has said the residents of his community are not violent contrary to the perception among a cross section of the people of Obuasi.

He was speaking at a community durbar to brief members of the community about recent attacks by a gang on some residents of the Gauso community.

The meeting also presented opportunity for the Chief and his elders to sensitize the people especially the youth to stay out of trouble.

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It would be recalled that last week a group of gun wielding men allegedly from Estate, also a suburb of Obuasi attacked some people at Gauso in what is suspected to be a reprisal attack.

In the process, one man was injuired whiles properties were destroyed. The Police acted swiftly by arresting three (3) members of the group who are currently facing trial.

There has been reported long standing feud between some group of young men in Gauso and their counterparts at Tutuka and other areas at Obuasi.

This has resulted in deaths whiles others have suffered various degree of injuries.

This development, has, however, compeled the chief of the area to meet with his people to admonish them to stay clear of crime and other violent behaviour since he has resolved not to shield anybody involved in such acts.

Speaking with the media after the well attended meeting, Nana Dramani Karim Gauso said “we will not sit aloof as Gauso’s name is drag in the mud, which has the potential of scaring away people from visiting our community and even preventing our youths from getting jobs.”

He added that the community has formed a taskforce to complement the efforts of the Unit committee to fish out criminal elements in the community who have been fomenting trouble.

The chief said the elders of the community have resolved not to beg on behalf of recalcitrant individuals or groups who will be arrested by the Police.

Alhaji Yunusah Baba Iddrisu Ouro-ifa II, the Adansi Kotokoli Chief, also added his voice to the issue of bad press which the community has been attracting. He said Gauso community is not a violent community hence appealed to the people to demonstrate good behaviour to vindicate his claim.

He again advised residents of the community not to shield any criminal who finds refuge in the community. “I urge you to go by this principle; if you see something, say something. Kindly report criminals to the Police and don’t shield them.

The Assembly member for the area, Dauda Tahiru, was of the view that it was about time the youth realised the enormity of the bad name the community has been associated with. He charged the youth to acquire employable skills and stay out of trouble.

Dauda Tahiru is an Assembly Member for Gauso

The youth in the area also pledged to abide by the advise of their elders and said most of the people who commit crimes in the area are not indigenes of Gauso but hide behind the name to perpetuate their criminal activities.

Source: Sampson Manu, Obuasi Municipal Information Officer