Reverend Dr Adu Gyamfi
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The National Peace Council has announced a pressing need for additional funding to effectively carry out its responsibilities, particularly as the 2024 general elections approach.

The Council says it is overburdened with cases, while it lacks adequate resources to perform its functions.

According to Chairman of the Council, Reverend Dr Adu Gyamfi, they need about $1 million to carry out election related activities.

“For election related activities in dollar terms, we need $1 million, some donors have come in trying to help,” he disclosed.

The National Peace Council plays a crucial role in ensuring a peaceful electoral process, mediating conflicts, and promoting dialogue among political parties amongst others.

However, the growing demands of election oversight and violence mitigation have proven to require substantial financial and human resources. Something the Peace Councill is in dire need of.

Speaking on the sidelines of an inter party dialogue on election violence mitigation Rev. Adu Gyamfi noted that, “I think we need more funds; we need more staff; our regional secretaries are complaining that they are overburdened and are asking that we give them drivers which we don’t have now.”

He added, “There is the need for more resources and more personnel to do the work, because the work is increasing.”

When asked what the $1 million will be used for, he said “we have a lot of engagements we want to do. Engagements in all the 276 constituencies. We have mapped out our hotspots, and we want to minimize activities in these hotspots. The number of hotspots keep increasing, and we need a lot of resources to go into these areas to minimize the tensions that are being built up in these areas.”

From 298 cases in January to 703 by July 2, the Council says it is beginning to be overburdened with cases particularly chieftaincy and land related cases.

According to him “In terms of overburdening yes, one would have expected that these cases would come down, much as we try to reduce it, others are also coming up. Especially, the issues of land and chieftaincy have become a major issue and the issue of identity. These are critical issues confronting us.”

With the 2024 elections fast approaching, the Council says it remains resolute in its mission to mediate conflicts and promote dialogue among political parties.

By Noble Crosby Annan