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The Majority Members of Parliament hampering the passage of the Anti-gay Bill are going to be campaigned against in their constituencies during their primaries to kick them out of the House, a proponent of the Bill, Samuel Nartey George, has indicated.

He says some MPs from the Majority caucus are in bed with the gay community to frustrate the passage of the Bill and he will ensure such legislators lose their seats in their upcoming parliamentary primaries in February 2024.

The Ningo-Prampram MP whose frustration stems from Parliament’s inability to take the Bill at its consideration stage Wednesday, December 6, 2023, said there are some MPs who have received things from the LGBT community to ensure that the Bill will not see the light of day.

In Parliament Wednesday when the Bill was supposed to be taken, the Deputy Speaker who stood in for the Speaker said the process could not suffice because the Chairman of the Committee in charge of the Bill was not in the House. Meanwhile, Mr. George says Ranking Members have over the years taken that charge in the absence of the Chairmen and could not fathom why same couldn’t be done to the Anti-gay Bill.

He said all attempts to reach out to the Chairman failed and but for the impression he got from his co-sponsors of the Bill, he would have named names of those who have been induced to stand against the Bill.

He said the development is a calculated means to disgrace Speaker Bagbin, and called on the Christian, Muslim and the African traditional communities to help kick against all the odds coming against the passage of the Bill.

“If they continue this behaviour of frustrating the bill, because how can this bill spend almost three years [in Parliament]. This bill was introduced in 2021. They want to disgrace the Speaker because if you remember, at the beginning of this year, the Speaker promised Ghanaians that before the end of this year, we’ll pass the bill.

“This is a calculated attempt to undermine the authority of the Rt. Hon. Speaker. This is calculated to disgrace the Rt. Hon. Speaker and we’ll not tolerate it. We’ll not allow this to happen. This is the last time we’ll accept this kind of behaviour and Ghanaians should take note, the Christian community, Muslim community, the African traditional religious worshipers, the National House of Chiefs who have supported this bill must take note of the actions of persons on the floor of the House who are seeking to slow down the moving of this bill.

“But this bill is the moving train and for those who think that you can stand in its way, we’ll crash you. We’ll crash you in your primaries in February, we’ll come into your constituencies,” he expressed.

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