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A forty-three-year-old man, Kwadwo Affum, has been stabbed to death at Sehwi Anwiam in the Sehwi Wiawso municipality of the Western North region.

The incident occurred on Wednesday April 5, 2023 around 7:30 pm near the house of the deceased.

The suspect, Adamu Buzanga popularly known as Biegya also in his late 50s has been living together with the deceased in the same vicinity for a couple of years until last Wednesday’s encounter.

Even though Kwadwo Affum had separated from his wife, he left behind five children consisting of four boys and a girl between the ages of one and sixteen.

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The matter was reported to the police who managed to rescue the suspect from mob action and put him in police custody.

However, the youth of the town have denied the polices for taking the body of the deceased to the morgue for further investigation by the residents.

The Assemblyman for Sehwi Anwiam Electoral Area, Isaac Asante who kept the suspect in his house until the police arrived said he didn’t want the suspect to be killed, the reason he kept him in NIA custody according to Emmanuel Sowah’s report..

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