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A rainstorm has ripped off the entire school block of the Sekyere Methodist  Basic School in the Sekyere Kumawu district of the Ashanti region. 

A newly constructed stand pump for the community with a thousand-litre water tank was also blown away from its location by the windstorm and completely damaged.

The other affected areas were the economic trees like teak, Wawa, mango and other species recently planted on the campus and parts of the community.

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There was rainfall for close to five hours on Monday and Tuesday .

The storm first affected the headmaster`s office and entire classrooms where the entire roof blown away, leaving the office and books soaked with the rainwater.

The Sekyere Kumawu district Chief Executive, Samuel Addai Agyekum, and his team visited the school after the disaster.

Mr. Addai Agyekum noted they visited the disaster scene to discuss with the headmaster to relocate the pupils to a makeshift structure they were preparing for them until a permanent solution is found.

He said the situation had negatively affected academic activities in the school.

“We are lucky it happened at the night otherwise children and others could have been injured. We want the situation to be addressed before some of the school children skip school to the farm. Other facilities of the school were also not spared,” he observed.

The Assemblyman for Sekyere Electoral area, Aziz Dauda, appealed to the government, well-wishers and benevolent organisations to come to their aid by reroofing the ripped-off structures for effective teaching and learning to resume.

By Benjamin Aidoo|AkomaFM|