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Amadia Shopping Centre, the sponsors of Chef Ebenezer Smith’s Guinness World Record (GWR) cook-a-thon attempt has explained why its manager, Nana Boroo interrupted Chef Smith’s press conference on July 2.

In a statement issued on Thursday, July 4, Amadia Shopping Centre said it agreed with Chef Smith in a three-year contract to support his record-breaking attempt.

Owned by Mrs. Nana Ama Duodu, Amadia Shopping Centre funded and organized the one-month record attempt of Chef Smith.

Providing updates on the matter, the statement said management of Amadia Shopping Centre contacted Chef Smith on several occasions after the record attempt to find out the progress of the video uploads and if he had received any response from GWR.

According to the statement, management of Amadia Shopping Centre “received no replies” from Chef Smith despite the several attempts to contact him.

The statement further added that management of Amadia was not informed by Chef Smith about the press conference to announce the supposed GWR certificate.

This, they contend is “in violation of the contract” signed with Chef Smith.

“The contract stipulated that the sponsor has the right of first refusal for any sponsored activities or projects after the attempt.

Chef Smith released from Police custody without any charges

“Numerous calls to Chef Smith’s management for clarification about the press conference were ignored,” portions of the statement added.

After no response from Chef Smith’s team, manager of Amadia Shopping Centre. Nana Boroo led a team to the La Palm hotel where the conference was being held to verify the authenticity of the GWR certificate.

However, according to the press release, representatives of the Amadia Shopping Centre were denied entry to the press conference room.

This caused Amadia Shopping Centre to call the police to intervene by stopping the press conference until Chef Smith’s GWR certificate is authenticated.

“Despite repeated attempts to stop the press conference and resolve the issue, Chef Smith’s team locked out Amadia Shopping Centre’s management.

“To protect Amadia Shopping Centre’s brand, management called the police to halt the press conference until Chef Smith could provide proof of the GWR certificate’s authenticity.

“The police intervened after the announcement of the results and the presentation of the GWR certificate,” Amadia Shopping Centre clarified.

Chef Smith and his manager were then accosted to the police station for questioning after a brief altercation.

Amadia Shopping Centre said police have taken over the matter and are currently investigating to determine the authenticity of Chef Smith GWR certificate.