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A young Ghanaian lady, Felicity Asantewaa is the newest Guinness World Record holder for the most cars washed in eight hours by an individual.

Felicity achieved this accolades by beating the previous record with five cars and washed sixty cars in eight hours.

The Guinness World Record (GWR) confirmed Felicity’s feat in a publication on its website.

“The most cars washed in eight hours by an individual is 60 and was achieved by Felicity Asantewaa (Ghana) in Accra, Ghana, on 9 March 2024,” GWR said on its website.

A screenshot of the confirmation by the Guinness World Record

Poised to demonstrate her commitment to empowering young women in Ghana and fostering gender equality, Felicity embarked on the record attempt on March 9, 2024 at the East Legon Go Go wash premises in Accra.

Her determination attracted huge crowd and supporters who cheered her on during her record attempt.

Ghanaian lady set to attempt Guinness World Record in ‘washcar-a-thon’ on March 9

Announcing her attempt in a post on Instagram, Felicity said her love for cars inspired her to empower young men to also take up the job of car washing.

“I love cars and I also know a lot of car brands. So, when I thought of empowering young women and promoting Ghana, I chose what I love to do to have an impact in the young women’s world,” Felicity said.

She continued: “I have observed that the car washing job has been dominated by males in Ghana. However, I believe females can equally do this work perfectly.”