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Kwame Owusu Fordjour, better known as Dr. UN, has said Chef Ebenezer Smith should have consulted him before embarking on his cook-a-thon attempt.

Speaking in an interview on Onua FM, July 10, Dr. UN clarified that he had no idea about Chef Smith’s cook-a-thon until he was being tagged in social media conversations.

He told Nana Yaa Brefo on Yen Nsempa, July 10 that Chef Smith should have independently organized his own cook-a-thon devoid of GWR accolade and that could have earned him better recognition.

He suggested that developing a personal brand for the cook-a-thon might increase its long-term viability and open the door to making it an annual occasion.

Responding to a question about what consultations he would have given to Chef Smith, Dr. UN said he would have awarded Chef Smith a citation and ensure he gets some credibility by ensuring that a High Commissioner awards Chef Smith.

“I didn’t even know anything about Chef Smith or the cook-a-thon saga. It was when someone asked me why people were tagging me about the issue before I went to do my research.

“I think Chef Smith should have consulted me before attempting his cook-a-thon.

“I would tell him to do the cook-a-thon on his own (without going under the flag of Guinness). He could have branded his cook-a-thon to be even bigger than the Guinness World Record brand.

Dr. UN and Nana Yaa Brefo

“Because after the Guinness attempt, they would leave him, but if it was his own brand, he could continue with it and even make it an annual event,” he said.

“I would give him a positive citation which could give him a standing on his own. I would even bring a High Commissioner to present the award to him to give it some credibility,” he added.

Last week, Chef Smith held a press conference where he announced himself as the current record holder for the Longest Cooking Marathon.

TV3 receives confirmation from GWR that Chef Smith’s record certificate is not genuine

He proudly displayed a certificate from Guinness World Records that was later exposed as fraudulent.