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An unknown man in his late tweenties has been found dead near Asuo Bomosadu Timber Sawmill at Berekum.

Residents woke up Monday, June 20, 2022 morning to the shock of the young man’s death off the Berekum – Dormaa highway.

According to a pragya rider who saw the deceased a day before incident, the man was found near a rural bank near the Berekum main roundabout who looked okay.

Waking up to his dead body by the roadside was therefore a surprise to them.

“I saw him in town around 7 to 8 am yesterday. I was carrying a passenger so when we got here my passenger even passed a comment about him. So when I alighted the lady and came back, he was sitting near the Kaaseman Rural Bank only to find him dead here today,” the pragya rider narrated.

One of both his feet and upper arm were swollen which made the residents suspect he might have been lynched for robbery.