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The Bissa Development Association has called on conflicting parties in Bawku to smoke peace pipe.

The association says the conflict in Bawku has retarded its development and affected the celebration of annual events in the area.

It, however, called for consensus building between the rivalry groups for peaceful co-existence.

This call was made in Kumasi during the annual launch of “Bissa Sukuma” which was on the theme ‘Maintaining our cultural identity; The true path to unity and progress’ on Sunday, November 6, 2022.

The national president of Bissa Development Association, Alhaji Shaibu Musah Gutare said “we usually have our grand Zekula celebrations in Bawku and our people all over the world come around for this celebration but because of the conflict we now have to celebrate it in our respective regions and zones in the country.”

“The conflict in Bawku is disturbing and has retarded its development about 30years backwards. We are calling on our Kusaasi and Mamprusi brothers to come together as one and bring a stop to the conflict. Bawku was a business hub of the north which was bequeathed to us by our ancestors but everything has retrogressed and posterity will judge us if we fail to the peace we used to enjoy because the insecurity is affecting the education of our children and socio-economic activities,” he bewailed.

He highlighted the mandate of the association and implored all Bissas in the country to partake in party politics.

“Our ultimate aim is to ensure the welfare of our members, promote peace and ensure development in our communities. Academic performance in our Bissa communities is low so we are looking at promoting education by building schools through revenue mobilization, strengthen our BDA structures throughout the country and motivate our members to take active part in party politics in the country. We encourage our members to join different parties such that our people can benefit in all cases even if there is a change in government,” he stressed.

By lssah Zakariah|Akoma FM|