George Anarful is Assemblyman for Ankaful Zongo
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Some sixteen abductees have been found in a room at Ankaful in the Cape Coast metropolis of the Central region.

The victims, whose age ranges between 12 and 20 were found in a single room apartment at Ankaful Zongo.

Information gathered by OnuaNews indicate the abductees are believed not to be from Ghana since none of them cannot speak any of the Ghanaian Languages.

They are highly suspected to be from neighbouring Togo, Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger.

The Assemblyman of Ankaful Zongo, George Anarful speaking with the media indicated residents in the area have been gripped with fear and panic due to the insecurity in the area.

“I was informed that some thieves have come to stay in our area for about a month now so I rushed to the place to see only to realise the CID were even there already. They had been informed one of the guys was told he would be given a football team to play and demanded 17,000 (didn’t state the type of currency) so the father sent 9,000 and added 5,000 later. But for some time now he has not seen anything concerning the team he waa brought to play. He has always been inside the room since they arrived so it became a scuffle between them where he managed to escape. He then informed someone around Pedu Junction (a suburb of Cape Cape) and they went to inform the police. What baffles me is that the CID told us they will come back for them tomorrow. I mean which kidnapper will stay here for you to come and meet them tomorrow?” He narrated.

Mr. Anarful is calling on the IGP Dr. George Akuffo Dampare to initiate investigations into the matter.