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A distressed woman needs an advice in order not to take an action on her husband that will send her to jail.

Married for five years with a three year old kid, her husband, who is a pastor, for some time now has been putting on an attitude which is unusual of the man she married half a decade ago.

Speaking with Ms Nancy on Confessions on TV3 Saturday, March 25, 2023, the mother of one said the love, care and attention which she hitherto received from her husband have all vanished, leaving her in a marriage where the man leaves home at 5am and returns an hour or two to midnight.

To pacify her curious soul, the worried woman managed to go through her husband’s phone whilst he was asleep one day, only to find a dating app on her spouse’s phone with his picture but a different name on a profile he has opened.

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According to her, she thought those things only existed in the movies until she experienced it herself.

She continued that, she hurried to her office and opened an account on the app with an office laptop and started chatting her husband.

“So I just went straight to his profile and said hi. He said hi. I asked him if he’s married and he said no. And I asked him he had a girlfriend and he said he has baby mama that’s his ex. Referring to me your wife your baby mama,” she told Miss Nancy amid sorrow.

“Imagine my reaction I cried. Somebody you’ve been married for five years and you’re referring to me as your baby mama,” she continued.

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She says she deliberately chatted him on his WhatsApp as his wife whilst chatting him on the app as a stranger. To her surprise, the husband didn’t even open the WhatsApp chat as far as he knew it was the wife but gave her all the attention on the dating app.

After chatting each other for some time, the husband requested for her contact and she asked him to exercise patience to get to know him a little more better.

A week later, he is asking that they meet.

“Now he wants to meet me and I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to do something that will end me in cell,” she narrated.

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This woman needs help.

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