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Shatta Wale, Ghanaian reggae dancehall artiste, wants Cecilia Dapaah, a former Sanitation and Water Resources minister arrested for a million dollar theft in her Abelemkpe residence.

According to Shatta Wale, politicians are more concerned with the “foolishness of Ghanaians” than addressing pertinent issues confronting the citizenry.

In a live Instagram streaming, Shatta Wale, born Charles Nii Armah Mensah, berated the lack of accountability and transparency in Ghana’s political system.

Speaking to the Cecilia Dapaah matter, Shatta Wale questioned the priorities of Ghanaians regarding how people have relegated what should have been the crux of the matter, which is jailing Cecilia Dapaah for possessing such an amount of money in her room to attacking the young ladies who allegedly pilfered the ransom.

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“Look at our politicians, they aren’t studying politics they’re studying the foolishness of Ghanaians. That is why the sanitation minister can have a million dollars stolen from her house and everyone is talking about the house help who stole the money rather than asking why the minister has 1 million dollars in her house,” he stated.

He indicated further that most Ghanaian politicians are more focused on achieving their parochial interest than that of the nation.

“The politicians know that you can’t tell them their faults, and that is why they can do whatever they want. Anybody you see going into politics is going for the money, not in the interest of the people. All of them, apart from me. As you are in Ghana, just pray, because this country will never change, the money will keep going wherever it’s going,” he indicated.

The ‘On God’ hitmaker’s comments come on the back of a million dollar and €300,000 stolen from the former minister’s home with an undisclosed amount of millions of Ghana cedis with some personal valuables.

The matter which triggered national conversation has attracted the attention of the Special Prosecutor who has arrested the former minister and granted a bail with the key suspects being tried at an Accra Circuit Court with their accomplices.

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