Martin Kpebu is a private legal practitioner
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Lawyer Martin Kpebu has revealed the real cause of the delay of Cecilia Dapaah’s matter from November 2022 until July 2023. Contrary to speculations that the matter stalled because one of the suspects, now accused, was a juvenile, Mr. Kpebu says it is because someone involved in the case absconded.

Speaking on the Key Points on TV3 Saturday, August 12, 2023, he said the matter was being tried at the Juvenile court in December 2022 until the absconded person got the processes delayed.

“Around December the trial was ongoing then somebody absconded and it stalled the trial so all those saying it was because somebody was a juvenile that’s why the case stalled, that’s not the case, under our laws even juveniles are tried. So it just stalled because somebody absconded and it took a long while to look for that person,” he disclosed.

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He continued that, it took someone who was given part of the money but was not satisfied with his share to expose the person before the matter was continued.

He told Alfred Ocansey, host of the show that it took “a lot of intelligence and a good Samaritan –people who were very peeved. Let me tell you, the main side it tells you how sometimes people are motivated. The person who sought Madam Dapaah and revealed the whereabouts of the person that absconded, it’s because the person was pained that they weren’t giving that person enough of the money. So the person heard the information that somebody has taken money and then he asked for some of the money but what he was given he wasn’t satisfied so he did a lot of investigation to expose the person.”

Meanwhile, the private legal practitioner also revealed that during the investigations last year, Madam Cecilia Dapaah petitioned the Attorney-General’s office about the slow pace of the matter to invite the investigator for questioning.

He made the revelation after the Deputy Attorney General, Alfred Tuah Yeboah, had disclosed on the same show that the office of the Attorney-General only got to hear of the information after the Chronicle newspaper had published the story.

“At a point in time when this matter was before the juvenile court, madam cecilia Dapaah petitioned the AG that she wasn’t happy with how the prosecution was being done and that she has suspicions about the incompetence of the investigations and the prosecution and all that. So it means that it was the AG himself who was petitioned. AG delegated some senior officers to meet the investigator. It was a committee. He was drilled,” he stated.

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