There has been a visible police presence in Dortmund in the build-up to Wednesday's game
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Five people suffered minor injuries after England fans were attacked by Netherlands supporters in Dortmund before Wednesday’s Euro 2024 semi-final, according to UK police.

Police said a group of Netherlands fans attacked England fans in bars and attempted to steal flags.

They said that the majority of Netherlands fans were there to “enjoy the game” but there were some groups of supporters deemed a “risk”.

UK police are in Germany working alongside local police for the game, which kicks off at 20:00 BST.

A statement from the UK Football Policing Unit read: “We are aware of some reports and videos circulating of disorder in Dortmund.

“It appears that there have been several instances of Dutch fans attacking England fans in bars and attempting to steal flags.

“We are also aware that in addition to the tens of thousands of Dutch fans there to enjoy the game, there are groups of risk supporters who have travelled to Dortmund from the Netherlands.”

Up to 80,000 Netherlands fans are reported to have travelled to Dortmund, compared to 40,000 from England.

The winners of the game will play Spain in Sunday’s final.

Source: BBC