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The National Chairman of the NPP, Freddie Blay has been re-appointed as Board Chair of the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation, (GNPC).

Mr. Blay who served as Board Chair for 4 years will continue in the same capacity.

The Freddie Blay board is expected to  support the management of GNPC, led by the Chief Executive Officer, Dr K.k. Sarpong, to ensure that the mandate of the GNPC are achived.

The GNPC’s mandates include to undertake the exploration, development, production and disposal of petroleum and their objectives which are to promote the exploration and the orderly and planned development of the petroleum resources of Ghana, to ensure that Ghana obtains the greatest possible benefits from the development of its petroleum resources.

The others are to obtain the effective transfer to Ghana of appropriate technology relating to petroleum operations, to ensure the training of citizens of Ghana and the development of national capabilities in all aspects of petroleum operations and to ensure that petroleum operations are conducted in such a manner as to prevent adverse effects on the environment, resources and people of Ghana, are achieved.