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Ghanaian musician and filmmaker, M3nsa has opened up about a challenging experience in his music career during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

M3nsa, in an interview on 3FM Drive on Wednesday, June 26 shared that he begun working on a project in 2020 during the pandemic but could not succeed with it after trying different options.

Determined to succeed with his project, M3nsa decided to introduce a new initiative with a kick starter or a crowdfunding, a call for supporters or fans to support him with a cash donation after setting a particular target.

This cash donation will help in the creating and the release of his album, BONDZIE after which in essence becomes an album for his community members, fans and supporters.

Although they were able to exceed the target, M3nsa explained that the processes and stress involved in the crowdfunding and actualizing the project caused him to pick up smoking attitude.

He noted that the whole process was “very stressful” as “it wasn’t easy”.

“I was working on a project during the pandemic and like labels, everything was just falling apart. We tried many things, distribution. It just wasn’t working so we decided to do a kick starter.  I think we set a target of $25,000.

“We reached and we passed it. But in the process, I also learnt that Twitter is useless, Instagram is useless. Because I have 250,000 followers on X so imagine if everybody donates GHC1. Nobody responded to me.

“I was calling people for the donation, I even picked up smoking cigarette, I was so stressed,” he narrated.

His crowdfunding later led to the creation of his album, BONDZIE. He said he was able to receive $25000 from his kick starter.

M3nsa highlighted the benefit he garnered from his kick starter and embraced the challenges he experienced while coming up with his project.

“It shows you where you are and how your art really affects people, how people are into you and you know the community that you have. It was such an eye opener and also being able to sell yourself and sell an idea. So, its such an education for us,” he noted.

According to him, the Covid-19 pandemic caused a destruction in the career of most musicians and he was no exception.

M3nsa recalled how his manager called to inform him and his colleagues about a cancellation of about six different shows in France and Munich during the pandemic, all of which plans have been far advanced towards.

“Everything was just being cancelled, it was such a difficult time,” M3nsa stated.

He explained that the period also offered them some time to reflect on their careers as musicians.