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Ghanaian musician M3nsa has described social media platforms, Twitter and Instagram as “useless” in terms of securing support from fanbases for artistes.

M3nsa in an interview with Giovani Caleb on 3FM narrated the challenges he experienced from the platforms when he attempted to secure funding for an album.

He revealed that at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, he decided to organize a crowdfund on social media to support the release of his album after many options failed.

M3nsa noted that although he was able to secure the target funds of $25,000, he realized the helplessness of the social media platforms in supporting him to generate the funds.

He said he only met the target set for the crowdfunding through direct support from his community.

According to him, out of all his 250,000 followers on X, he did not receive a dime for his crowdfunding.

“I think we set like $25,000 as target. We reached and we passed it but, in the process, I realize that Twitter is useless, Instagram is useless. I have 250,000 followers on X so imagine that if everybody gives me GHC1, nobody paid attention to me,” he said on 3FM Drive on June 27.

He explained that he had to personally reach out to friends via phone calls for support until he was able to reach his target.

The incident made M3nsa come to terms with the difference between social media and its impact on the real world.

“It shows you how your art affects people, how people are into you. It was such an eye-opener and also being able to sell yourself and sell an idea. It was such an education for us,” he stated.