GMB 2021: Manu, Wester region, wins Star Performer
Manu (Western Region)
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Manu’s rather electrifying dance moves in her masquerade costume for the Ankos festival was rollicking entertaining. The judges had no option other than to award her as the Star Performer of the night.

Juliana Manu Afful from the western region took the audience on a jolly ride through the streets of Takoradi for the famous Ankos festival celebrated during the Christmas festivities. Manu danced her heart out on stage, adequately disguised by the vibrant colours of her masquerade costume and nightmarish mask.

Manu – Western Region

“I have been able to dance my heart out because I was hiding behind the mask. Yes, this entertaining event my people call Ankos was first introduced in the Gold Coast by the Dutch in the early 20th Century. They used to organize evening masquerades where some of them hid behind the masks. So they could flirt with others without being noticed. But the wise fisherfolks of Takoradi copied this and reformed it into a recreational event which now benefits the Ghanaian economy.”

Manu – Western region

According to Manu, the Ankos festival is a tourist attraction and a marketing tool for corporate entities to put their business forward. Indeed Manu’s performance was truly award-wining.

Kwansema from the Central region and North East’s Tamah were among the top three contestants who brought their A-game to the show last night.

Manu – Western region

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By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana