GMB 2021: Central region’s Kwansema emerges Most Eloquent of the night
Kwansema (Central region)
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Kwansema’s thrilling and enthralling performance on how the people of the Central region celebrate the naming ceremony of their newborn baby. Her enthusiastic and confident delivery won her the Most Eloquent presentation of the night.

Edith Arthur proved that her command over the language is flawless with a riveting performance that dazzled the judges. Her demonstrativeness was enhanced by her classical black and white cloth, which signify the pleasant reception of the joyous occasion.

Kwansema – Central region

“You are welcome to the naming ceremony of the tenth child of the Forson’s. We have met at exactly 5:30 am because we believe that the dawn’s dew is fresh, and it signifies the innocence of the baby. We have met exactly on the seventh day because if up until that day the child is still alive, then it means it came to stay but not for a visit.”

Poise in her spirited and piquant rhythm, Kwansema disclosed that naming ceremonies is an Akan tradition to welcome a child into its family. She also demonstrated the respect given to the Supreme being as all naming ceremonies begin with a prayer and libation.

Kwansema – Central region

Kwansema explained the different types of names and their origin in a passionate and lyrical delivery. She said, “Before today’s ceremony, Forson has to choose a name for his son. The name ranges from Kra din the day on which the child was born. Abosom din if help was sought from a god or goddess. Abusua din family name and Kosamba din names for reincarnated children.”

The top four contestants for this category included Sarfoa from the Ashanti region, North East regions’ Tamah and Manu from the Western region of Ghana.

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By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana