GMB 2021: Tamah wins the Best Costume for North East region
Tamah (North East region)
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Tamah, the North East region representative, did not only impress the judges with her performance. But she also stole hearts with her ceremonial attire of the warriors at the Bugum (Fire) festival.

Margaret Johnbosco took the audience on a trip to the North East region to celebrate the famous Bugum festival of her people. Dressed as a warrior in a native and picturesque smock, Tamah danced and pranced to the tune of the drummers as they marched to rescue the missing prince.

Tamah – North East region

“I welcome you all to the fire festival celebrated by us, the people of North East. We celebrate it to mark the lost but found son of the great king. On the night of this special festival, people from far and near gather at the Chief’s palace where the chief gives his royal blessing. And we, the warriors of the land, lead in the march and drumming session with our firesticks, that stands for light, and our weapons as our defence mechanism.”

According to Tamah, the warriors proceed to the baobab tree, where the lost prince was found. Then the warriors return to the palace with the prince and their firesticks because it is a bad omen to go back home with the firesticks.

Tamah – North East region

Tamah’s quaint military attire bespoken the reverence given to the brave warriors of the land. Her loose and neat accessories, made up of cowries and tanned leather, dangled as she demonstrated how the warriors displayed their powers. They cut themselves with sharp matches which drew no blood to show that they are proud sons of the land.

Afua from the Eastern Region and Nana from the Bono East region came close as contenders for the category. Western region’s representative, Manu, also featured among the top four contestants for the Best Costume category.

Tamah – North East region

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By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana