Prof. Ransford Gyampo
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In recent times, Ghana has seen a troubling rise in youth polarization, which threatens effective governance and provides fertile ground for opportunistic politicians.

To Professor Gyampo, the division among the youth, who are often seen as the conscience of the nation, has allowed those who prioritize political gains over good governance to thrive.

Professor Ransford Ryampo is of the view that Politicians in Ghana have long recognized the influence of young people in shaping the political landscapes.

“Soon after we got to the fourth republic, they acknowledged the role of youth in making regimes unpopular, thereby setting up branches in various institutions, leading to factions like TEIN and TESCON,” he explained.

The consequences of this polarization are significant.

He said “When one youth group organizes a demonstration against perceived injustices, another faction often counters it, leading to further division and hindering effective governance.”

For him, this creates a situation where political parties may prioritize appeasing their base over enacting policies that benefit the broader population.

“If one set of youth group decides to go on demonstration against what is wrong, we will have another set of youth group countering the demonstration,” he said.

“The effect of this is that it gives room to bad governance because the NPP knows that regardless of how bad they govern, their support base will not be able to call them out,” he said on the Key Points on TV3, June 29, 2024.

By Enyonam Haligah