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Percival Kofi Akpaloo, founder and leader of the Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG) has refused to rate the performance of the ruling government despite admitting that Ghanaians are going through difficulties.

In an interview with Captain Smart Tuesday, April 16, 2024, Kofi Akpaloo, whose presidential ambition began in 2012, having been disqualified by the EC and contested in subsequent polls Ghanaians will tag him if rates the government.

According to him, Ghana is politically polarised that if he says the government is not performing well, the NPP will tag him as NDC and saying the administration is doing well will make Ghanaians tag him as an NPP.

He had rather opted to explain how he would manage affairs should he become President of the state.

Prior to being asked to rate the government, Mr. Akpaloo had earlier admitted that things are really hard for Ghanaians with current economic conditions, indicating that the average Ghanaian finds it difficult to survive.

When host Captain Smart asked him if he is refusing to rate the administration because the government has given him so many contracts, many of which he has failed to execute, he admitted to having secured about four contracts from the NPP government and have executed some to an appreciable level.

He admitted to having received over US1.7million to supply transformers to the Electricity Company of Ghana and had delivered on it. Although the host maintained that he refused to supply all the transformers after taking the sum, Mr. Akpaloo maintained that he does not owe the ECG transformers.

Through the host’s probing, he also admitted to receiving three road contracts from the government, one in the Bono, another in Ahafo and the Ashanti regions.

Mr. Akpaloo indicated that the Mile 15 to Huu road at Odotobri in the Ashanti Region, Berekum and Goaso roads are all at least 65% complete, waiting on the government to pay him in order to complete the projects.

Portions of the 65% complete Mile 15 to Huu road at Odotobri

When asked how much the government of Ghana owed him, Kofi Akpaloo said he could not disclose it especially when he had no documentation at his disposal.

Speaking on what the LPG intends to do to alleviate the plight of Ghanaians the man of the ‘sɔme ha, na sɔme ha’ fame said he was going to adopt the child benefit and unemployment support from elsewhere in the developed countries to cushion Ghanaians.

Akpaloo said he will leverage on the natural resources of the state to provide that support by ensuring that the percentage of dividends taken away by foreign investors will be revised.

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