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Private legal practitioner, Martin Luther Kpebu, has expressed a concern that Ghanaians do not live up to the meaning of Ghana.

He said this after the Electoral Commission (EC) restricted the voter registration exercise to its district offices rather than bringing it to the various electoral areas in the country.

After series of concerns raised by some stakeholders against the exercise being held at the district offices, the Electoral Commission didn’t didn’t change its mind but proceeded with the limited voter registration at its district offices.

Explaining the meaning of Ghana as “Warrior King”, Mr. Kpebu said he expects Ghanaians to act according to the meaning of the name for the Electoral Commission to yield to their demand. He wants Ghanaians to exhibit certain acts that will compel the the Commission to heed to their calls.

“Sometimes we even forget who we are. The name Ghana, how many of us remember or even know the meaning of it? The name Ghana, what does it mean?  Because if you look at our actions, do we act as warriors, The EC is bullying us and we are quiet because of our selfish gains,” Mr. Kpebu stated.

The legal practitioner affirmed that he will start campaigning to change the name Ghana because its citizens do not act like the meaning of the name, Ghana.

“Very soon, I will be campaigning that let just change the name Ghana because we don’t act one bit as warriors, no,” the legal practitioner stated.

He also added that EC’s quest to restrict the registration centres to its district offices is an act of voter suppression since some eligible voters cannot access the process at the EC’s district offices.

“This is blatant constitutional aberration. We all want citizens to engage, participate. So, if you restrict the registration to your offices, then what are you doing? if not voter suppression, then what is it?” he quizzed.

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By Esther Nyantakyiwaa Akaba|