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The Minority in Parliament is calling for the prosecution of management and board members of the Ghana Infrastructure Investment Fund over decision to invest $2 million dollars in the botched Accra Sky Train project.

The Auditor General in the 2021 audit report indicted the fund over the investment in the South African firm, Africa Investor Holdings.

The Auditor General however asked management to monitor the feasibility studies which is yet to take place as well as determine the recoverability of the amount.

Speaking to the media in Parliament Monday, September 5, 2022, Minority Spokesperson on Roads and Transport Governs Kwame Agbodza said the recommendations of the A-G are not far-reaching enough.

The Adaklu legislator believe the transaction undertaken by the Board Members was a reckless one since they proceeded without feasibility study. He states they must be summoned to answer questions.

“It appears to me that the Board and management of Ghana Infrastructure Investment Fund have become very reckless in the decision they make in utilizing meagre resources that we put into that Fund.

Especially, at a time when we are finding it difficult to feed our children at school and recruit the right frontline health care workers to be at our health facilities.

Amidst the general excruciating hardship in the country they have the ability to throw away in my view 2 million dollars,” he noted.