Martin Luther Kpebu is a private legal practitioner
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The Minority’s decision to picket the Bank of Ghana is a course being championed in the interest of the state and not that of the Minority alone, private legal practitioner, Martin Luther Kpebu, has indicated.

The Ghana Police Service have written to the Minority to reconsider their route and destination for the protest for public interest since the proposed path and ending point of the group’s demonstration will affect people.

The police have promised to provide security for the group if they change their route and destination.

Reacting to the development, on TV3’s Midday Live Thursday, August 24, 2023, Mr. Kpebu said the police should look at the matter in the interest of the state and not the Minority against the Bank of Ghana.

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“Practically I am sure right now the police is also reviewing the situation to find out if there is a way to accommodate the Minority because the Minority is speaking for the people of Ghana due to the economic hardship,” he said.

The astute legal practitioner also advised that “it is good that the police looks at it in the national interest and not the minority against BOG, people of Ghana against BOG, so the police should look at it and if there is any way, they can accommodate the demonstrators, if they can, then I am sure they will if they cannot and the Minority have also not budge in then it means the police can go to court and plead before a judge while the Minority will also be represented by lawyers then the case will be argued in court. Because it is being made clear that the police cannot just go before a judge alone unnoticed by the Minority, they should notify the minority for them to also argue their case out.”

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