Seidu Abubakar was prime suspect for the kidnapping of two Canadian girls
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Seidu Abubakar, the prime suspect for the Canadian girls who were kidnapped in 2019 has come out to demand his money and other valuables from the government following his wrongful arrest and discharge.

The man who was picked up by the National Security operatives in his home at dawn says those who effected his arrest were scrambling over his money and other properties because they thought he was going to be jailed.

Appearing on Onua TV/FM’s Maakye with Captain Smart Thursday, August 24, 2023, Mr. Abubakar said thousands of dollars, tens of thousands of Ghana Cedis, an unregistered 2010 model Range Rover, and other personal effects were seized in his room.

However, after his lawyer, Martin Kpebu, wrote to the Attorney General listing the items at the possession of the police, the state denied knowledge of them at a point, and at some point indicated they handed them back to him whilst he was under arrest en-route to their custody.

The National Security says it only saw an unregistered pistol which is still in their custody but not any of the other items listed. Meanwhile, both parties have attested to a US$1,000.00 that was returned to him through one of the security officers.

Watch Abubakar and Captain Smart dissecting the issues as it has travelled from 2019 till date.

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