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A Middle aged mother of seven believed to be in her forties, Imoro Safura, and a man believed to be in his early sixties (60s) Mbaa Chirfo have been allegedly lynched at Zakpalsi, a farming community in the Mion district of the Northern region on suspicion of witchcraft.

The incident, which occurred in the early hours of Sunday, May 7, 2023, has received condemnation from across a section of the public.

According to TV3 sources in the Zakpalsi community, Imoro Safura was chased and lynched at the forecourt of the Zakpalsi Chief palace where she run to seek refuge while Mbaa Chirfo was killed at his residence.

The two were accused of ‘buying’ sickness for a woman in the community by a soothsayer who was consulted by the woman’s family.

The youth of the community mobilised, attacked and killed the two who denied the allegations.

The man, Mbaa Chirfo has since been buried while Safura’s body has been deposited at the Yendi Government Hospital morgue.

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