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Some 13 armed robbers have attacked two police officers at Duayaw Nkwanta in the Tano North District of the Bono Region to free two criminals who were in custody, inflicting bodily wounds on the officers in the process.

A police situational report indicate about 15 machete-wielding hoodlums attacked some residents and shops at Adrobaa, including the chief where machete wounds were inflicted on some of the residents.

One Police Corporal Philip Sion and Constable Bernard Amoah upon getting wind of the attacks rushed to the scene. While on their way to the scene at Adrobaa, they spotted the machete-wielding young men who were riding at top speed towards Terchire.

Sensing some suspicion, they tried stopping the men but defied the directive.

The police chased and captured two of them some few metres from the Terchire Police station and arrested them.

Their 13 other colleagues arrived some minutes later and demanded their release whicy the police refused.

Corporal Philip Sion discharged his firearm on one of the men when a scuffle ensued between them and the robbers. He was struck with a club on the back of his head. He got beaten mercilessly by some of the men whilst his colleague, Constable Bernard Amoah struggled with the others.

Sensing danger, the Police ran for cover at the Terchire Health Center where they received treatment.

Meanwhile, when a reinforcement team arrived from the District Command, it combed through health facilities in the area where they met one of the suspects called Bilari Fuseini receiving treatment with one Mutakiro Fuseini pronounced dead.

Police are currently on a manhunt for the remaining suspects.