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Residents of Salaga in the East Gonja Municipality of the Savannah region are demonstrating against the Volta River Authority and NEDCO over incessant power outages in the area.

The residents say many have been rendered many unemployed due to the outages from the two power distribution companies, the reason they have hit the streets Wednesday morning.

The demonstrators numbering hundreds and cladded in red attire marched through the principal streets to register their displeasure.

According to Onua News’ Savannah Regional Correspondent, Christopher Amoako, The demonstrators are expected to submit a petition to the Municipal Chief Executive over their plight.

Meanwhile Management of VRA/NEDCO from national and regional levels are in Salaga to dialogue with the demonstrators after a meeting scheduled to take place yesterday failed.

Below are scenes from the demonstrating grounds.

By Christopher Amoako|Savannah Region|