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A government official has told Ghanaian teachers that politicians are the worst enemies of the state.

The Education minister, Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwum, speaking to teachers Wednesday, August 23, 2023, at the launch of the 2023 Teacher Prize Day in Accra said he sometimes gets baffled by comments from some of his colleagues when they speak about government’s achievement.

He has been saying that politicians relate peacefully among themselves but come out to lie to the public merely to get people frustrated.

“Politicians are our worst enemies because sometimes I look at it and I am saying to myself, as a citizen of Ghana, if I wasn’t a politician, how would I feel if I hear both parties lambasting each other and discounting the achievements they’ve chalked with taxpayer’s money and saying that they have done nothing?” he asked.

The educationist, advised the teachers at the gathering to disregard comments from politicians who criticise government for not doing anything in the education sector.

“I believe that better days are ahead of us and not behind us. Don’t pay attention to some of the assertion by my colleague politicians who will come and tell you that this government has done nothing in education,” he added.

He says his observation of politicians, including his own party members on how they chastise government for doing nothing in the sector sometimes puzzles him.

The Member of Parliament for Bosomtwe in the Ashanti region cautioned the public to be vigilant in taking what politicians say.

He says such comments are meant to merely frustrate the public since they relate to themselves nicely in Parliament and come out to lie to the public.

“Politicians have done some good work so when they are lying to you don’t hear them. When we are in Parliament we don’t say those things; we eat together, have fun together, we come on TV and we lie to you to get you so frustrated because how on earth can somebody say that the teacher student ratio at Senior High Schools in Ghana is 1:24,000?” he quizzed.

“And a newspaper carries that banner headline,” he added.

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