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Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford reportedly came to the rescue of ‘world’s sexiest footballer’, Alisha Lehmann, when she was being assaulted by an unruly male mob during a recent night out in Manchester.

The Aston Villa female team star and Rashford were partying separately at the Chinawhite club earlier this month when the Manchester United man noticed Lehmann being mobbed upon her arrival at the venue.

The Red Devils star was said to have quickly intervened and rescued the female football star widely regarded as the sexiest footballer in the world, according to The Sun.

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Rashford then cleared a table in the VIP section and invited the player and her friends to join him, allowing her to escape the unwanted attention.

A source from the club told The Sun: “They exchanged a few words and she thanked him then they carried on partying with their separate sets of friends. She thought he was a gent.”

The Sun reports that Lehmann is seen as “one of the world’s sexiest footballers,” with over 13 million followers on Instagram.

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Source: Vanguard News