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National Communications Officer of the opposition National Democratic Congress, Sammy Gyamfi, has listed 20 key things he observed from the conversation his party’s flag bearer, John Dramani Mahama, had with the media Sunday, July 07, 2024.

In a circular he released Monday, July 08, 2024, the private legal practitioner summarised into 20 bulletins, the major issues the former President highlighted during his encounter with the media.

Below are the list:


1. The 24-hour economy policy will increase the local production of goods for import-substitution, exports and create decent well-paying jobs for the youth.

2. My government will scrap COVID levy, E-levy, bet winnings levy and nuisance port levies to ameliorate the plight of suffering Ghanaians.

3. Free SHS has come to stay. No one can cancel it. I am coming to improve its implementation and make it better. I will support any bill intended to improve education in Ghana.

4. My government will invest $3 billion in ICT and partner with local tech start-ups and businesses to launch a ‘Digital Jobs initiative’ that will create at least 300,000 skilled employment opportunities for the youth in the digital space.

5. I will establish a National Women’s Development Bank that will be run by women to support one (1) million women-led and women-owned businesses.

6. I will roll out the One Million Coders Program that will train one million youth in coding and other IT programs for job creation.

7. I am a staunch Christian who has supported my local Assemblies of God church to build churches for God. But I don’t condone stealing in the name of God. I will conduct a forensic audit into the cathedral loot.

8. I will not allow any of my appointees to involve themselves in mining or illegal mining. Mining in forest reserves will be banned under my government.

9. No appointee of mine will be allowed to buy state assets.

10. I will prioritize fiscal discipline to restore investor confidence in the economy and pursue prudent measures that will boost cocoa and oil production so as to increase our forex earnings and stabilize the exchange rate.

11. I will fight corruption and ensure accountability on the part of government officials, whether they be NPP or NDC. I will not scrap the OSP. Neither will I be a corruption clearing agent.

12. I have been out of office for 7 years, 7 months. The NPP has not found any evidence of wrongdoing against me. Their lies against me to the effect that I own hotels in Dubai and that my government spent $10 million on presidential diaries have all been exposed. Don’t fall for the NPP’s lies.

13. My track-record in the fight against corruption is there for all to see. I prosecuted my own appointees, including my own friend and retrieved about GHS50 million for the state in the GYEEDA scandal.

14. I will run a lean government of not more than 60 ministers and cut down on government expenditure and waste.

15. I will create a safe and congenial atmosphere for the media and anti-corruption agencies to

16. I will pursue justice for the families of the 8 Ghanaians who were murdered during the 2020 general elections and other victims of state-sponsored brutalities and punish the culprits.

17. I will modernize agriculture to boost food production in order to reduce food inflation and hardships. I will also prioritize agribusiness and agro-processing for import substitution and exports.

18. I have been exorcised from the “father for all” syndrome because the people of Ghana are asking for accountability. Anyone who gets appointed into my government must know that they are servants of the people and will be held accountable. Young people are getting frustrated and desperate. Drastic action must be taken. It cannot be business as usual.

19. We shall protect the votes of Ghanaians through vigilance.

20. Four (4) years is enough for me to reset Ghana, create a 24-hour economy, wage a serious fight against corruption and restore our nation back to the path of development and progress.