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The absence of the Chief Justice has had to stall justice since an injunction application filed against the Electoral Commission’s limited voter registration by the NDC and four other political parties could not be given a date for hearing. 

Per the NDC’s Sammy Gyamfi’s assertion, Gertrude Araba Esaaba Torkornoo, the Chief Justice, must provide explanation for the unprecedented developments being introduced into the judiciary.

This comes after the NDC and four other political parties’ injunction application against the Electoral Commission’s limited voter registration was not given a date for hearing. The court says the Chief Justice who could provide a date for the hearing has travelled.

According to him, there has never been a time that the entire court system has come to a halt because the Chief Justice had travelled.

He has been telling TV3’s Alfred Ocansey on The KeyPoints Saturday, September 8, 2023, that the entire judicial charade around the injunction application is an orchestration to rig the 2024 elections.

“The Chief Justice must be called out. It is totally reprehensible for us to have a situation in this country where you file an injunction application in the Supreme Court and you are told that because the Chief Justice has traveled you cannot be given a date for hearing and now the Chief Justice has now made you lose and that she alone can give dates for the hearing of injunction applications. In what civilized country can this happen?

He cited the Dr. Duffour vs the NDC matter where the EC suspended the party’s presidential primary because it was served with an injunction. He wants the EC to do same because it has been served with an injunction.

“…But in any case, the E.C has been given an injunction application by two citizens from the High Court and per their own decision in the Duffour matter where they suspended the supervision of the NDC presidential primaries because they said per their operational practices, once they are served an injunction application they cannot proceed with any activity so they are supposed to hold on with this activity,” he recalled.

Sammy Gyamfi, however, called on all NDC sympathisers to go in their numbers to register should the EC defy the injunction order and go ahead with the exercise.

“Let me call on all citizens watching us especially NDC sympathizers, NDC supporters, Ghanaians, the youth who desire to see a change in the administration of this country, your vote is your power. Don’t allow Jean Mensa, Bossman Asare, Akufo-Addo and the NPP to take that power from you.

“Notwithstanding the court processes we have filed, irrespective of whether the EC will do the right thing by expanding the centres, will do the right thing by respecting the injunction they are served with, prepare, if you can, on Tuesday or Wednesday if they decide to breach the injunction and still go ahead let us show them that we are ready to stand against their oppression and we will go out and register and vote them out,” he charged.

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