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The striking laboratory scientists have expressed disappointment in the National Labour Commission for its directive that they should call off their strike.

According to the Union, they expected the Commission to have compelled government to proceed to conclude negotiations on their conditions of service, but the NLC failed in that respect.

General Secretary of Medical Laboratory Professional Workers Union, Dr Cephas Akortor said, “we have come empty, and we are going back empty, it is very difficult to make a clear determination.”

He added, “this is not a negotiation meeting. It is a platform created for us to meet each other on a common ground, the actual negotiation is expected to happen with the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission.”

“I am in a very difficult situation right now, but I cannot also say that I will not do my work as a leader. I want to use the opportunity to also talk to our directors, HR and administrators at the various hospitals that we work with them, and we are their employees. If we have difficulties, they should be speaking for us.”

“Not we going on the rampage before they know we have concerns. The intimidations happening in the various hospitals should stop. People threatening that they will not validate people’s salary, taking people’s positions from them as heads of department, asking our members to vacate their accommodations and all of that, I think that we haven’t gotten to that stage but if we are pushed, if these things actually happen and we are pushed, as a union we are going to react”.

“We don’t want to see what is happening, happening again because we are really worried about seeing our pregnant women on the streets helpless, seeing cancer patients helpless, people at the cardiothoracic center helpless, foreigners who have come to access medical services are all stranded. We don’t want to see these things happening and that’s why we want to have an agreement that will address our concerns,” Mr Akortor stated.

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By Daniel Opoku