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The Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA), Takoradi, has organised a pull-out ceremony for its Director, Captain Ebenezer Afadzi who has retired from active service.

Captain Ebenezer Kojo Afadzi who has attained the age of sixty has served as the Port Director for the past eight years. Even before that, he had served as a harbour master from 2013 before assuming the high position.

Captain Afadzi in an address indicated that he took over as the Director General in 2015 when the Port had a staff strength of 830. He adds that the port now has a staff strength of 1,070. According to him, the Port has seen a massive level of development and it is now ready to compete with other ports in the sub-region.

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He adds that his tenure saw the completion of the Automated Dry Bulk Terminal Project, the new Liquid Bulk Terminal Project, ATS container, and the Multipurpose terminal project.

“We also completed the GPHA Takoradi Hospital Children’s Ward and laboratory blocks project as well as sod cutting for the ongoing construction of oil and gas terminal, Prime Meridian Dock, Floating Dock, and ultra-modern hospital diagnostic center projects,” he indicated.

Captain Ebenezer Afadzi has been pulled out as Director of GPHA, Takoradi

He added that the port is now making profits due to the introduction and growth of the Oil and Gas section.

“Today in 2023, I can confidently say that with the support of all the 749 permanent staff and 321 contract staff, we are raking in some good profits not only from oil and gas but from all operations. The facts and figures are available for verification by anyone who wants to check. However, in as much as we are making some profits, there are lots of debts to be paid due to the numerous expansion works in the Port of Takoradi,” he added.

The new Director General of the Takoradi Port, Peter Amoo-Bediako on his part indicated that he will lead the entire staff to continue the good works of his predecessor.

“I want to assure everyone here that we shall continue with the good works of my predecessor and expand the frontiers of the port by continuing with the hard-working values and truth instilled in us,” he assured.

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By Eric Nana Gyetuah|ConnectFM|