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John Dramani Mahama has asked his main contender in the 2024 elections to put some respect to the office of the president rather than resorting to theatrics that depict nothing than jokes and comedy.

The flag bearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has reemphasised that the office is a serious responsibility that has to be left in the care of capable hands.

According to him, the trivialisation of the presidency on political campaign platforms, regarding the symbolic handing over of a mythical steer to someone, is something John Mahama has condemned.

He says Ghanaians are going through a lot of challenges, something that requires seriousness to address rather than being comical about it.

Speaking at a public lecture organised by the Christian Service University in Kumasi on the theme: ‚ÄúSustainability of Democracy in Africa: The Ghanaian Experience‚ÄĚ, John Mahama questioned how Dr. Bawumia will be taking credit for the positive outcomes of the NPP administration and absolve himself of blame for its failures.

Mr Mahama insisted that outdated slogans and deceptive practices have no place in Ghana’s current political landscape.

“Ghanaians are in dire straits and this is not the time for comedy. This is not for a concert party about passing the mythical steer to somebody. There is no space for stale falsehoods and gas lighting. It is unimaginable the narrative by some people that they have championed everything under this government, and at the same time are not responsible for anything under the same government because they were a self-styled driver’s mate.”

“It is simply not tenable and an insult to the intelligence of the electorates and the presidency cannot be presented to those who present themselves as the future when they have been at the epicentre of our disastrous present,” he stated.

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