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Some illegal miners who were trapped in a shaft belonging to the Anglogold Ashanti Mine have revealed how they survived inside the pit after having to spend some days underground.

According to a few of them who were trapped with over a hundred and fifty (150) others inside the pit, they had to survive on powdered pepper and onion when their food got exhausted.

For fear of being arrested and fined huge sums of money they couldn’t afford, they said they chose to stay underground than to use the main exit of the company to be arrested after their illegal point of entry had been blocked by AngloGold Ashanti’s security.

The incident occurred at the AngloGold’s Ashanti Mine’s shaft at Anwiam in the Obuasi East district of the Ashanti region.

The young men narrated their story Wednesday, June 7, 2023, when Onua TV/FM’s Maakye went to Obuasi with the Peoples’ Assembly.

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