The effect of the restrictions for unregistered SIM cards as currently being experienced by some Ghanaians is going to increase the rate of armed robbery, Captain Smart has opined.

According to the morning show host of Onua TV/FM’s Maakye, people would not get the opportunity to phone the police for assistance when their premises are invaded.

This he has attributed to an agenda of the government to break the 8 in the 2024 general elections as they have been professing.

Captain Smart says it is because of this agenda that the government is bent on punishing Ghanaians who have not acquired a Ghana card yet through no fault of theirs.

A section of Ghanaians have had their SIM cards restricted from accessing certain services because their SIMs have not been registered.

The problem with the punitive roll out is that, some people who have registered their SIM cards are also encountering the challenge.

He referred to the leaders as being insensitive as the move also has the tendency to destroy peoples businesses.

Watch him in the video below:

By Felix Anim-Appau|