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There are many important life messages taught to children, which later form the base of their lives. But animals too understand certain emotions and like the company of each other. Like a chimpanzee and a tortoise. Surprised?

A video going viral on social media shows the unusual friendship where the ape is seen sharing an apple with the tortoise.

The video, posted on Twitter by Buitengebieden, is winning hearts on social media. It has been captioned: “Sharing is caring.”

The video begins with a chimpanzee eating an apple. After having a bite, he offers the next one to the turtle sitting beside him. Another chimp sitting next to the two friends is seen adoring the tortoise later in the video.

After being shared, the video has accumulated around 8.8 million views and more than 3.4 likes on Twitter. Over 49,000 users have re-tweeted the post so far.

Users have left heartfelt remarks for the chimp’s kind behaviour. “I love civility, among beings,” wrote a user while another said, “Mom always says it tastes better when u share.”

Having over 1.2 million followers on Twitter, Buitengebieden keeps sharing adorable animal videos on the social media platform which are loved by the viewers.

It recently posted a video showing a chimpanzee carrying several oranges in the forest. Its hands were full with the fruits but still carried two more in each of his foot and one in his mouth as well. Despite having trouble walking, the ape manages to take all of the fruits with him.

The video amassed over 2.3 million views and thousands of likes on Twitter.