[Video] I was always treating vaginal infections – Former lesbian confesses
Benny and Mona Gucci
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Benny shared her life story as a lesbian in Ghana with Mona Gucci on the Bribi Gye Gye Wo show. According to Benny, lesbianism is a spirit that feasts on the innocence and adventurous sides of girls.

At 15 years, Benny started finding girls in her school attractive. She also disclosed that this was the time another student formally introduced her to the sexual act.

“In SHS form 1, my school was hosting inter-schools games competition on campus. A girl from Piesiman Senior High School approached me to help her get out of her spoiled clothes because she couldn’t go back to her school in her blood-stained attire. So I took her to my dormitory and gave her a panty and sanitary pad to clean up herself.”

Benny explained that that was how everything started. They formed a friendship which eventually led to them having sex with each other. She said, “When we were going on vacation for the third term, she said she wanted me to meet her parents. So that anytime I go to her house, her parents won’t see me as a visitor. She said her parents had travelled, so we should lodge at a hotel or guesthouse to wait for them.
“So when I took off my clothes to bath, she started complimenting my body. She saw my pubic hair and started touching me. And she convinced me that men are irresponsible, and I agreed to sleep with her.”

Benny confessed that she enjoyed the intimate act, and that became a regular occurrence for her. She revealed that her dream of becoming an actress was dashed when an incident involving another actress turned sour on set. Recounting the incident, she mistakenly touched a colleague who accused her of trying to rape her.

Benny has now repented and runs a foundation that encourages and helps lesbians to break away from the lifestyle.


By Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana