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The Ghana Drunkards Association are going to embark on a visit to the Western region to educate its members on how to bring sanity on its in the consumption of alcohol.

In a letter signed by the Association’s president, Moses Onyah, he says the recent happenings in the region following the consumption of alcohol is uncalled for and deem it fit to educate its members on how to drink and behave well.

Read below a release from the president:

Following the recent reports on alcohol related incidence happening in the Western region of Ghana, we the Drunkards Association will embark on a three-day tour in the region to meet with our members to help bring sanity in the consumption of beverages in the region.

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Few months ago, a young man’s stomach exploded due to the high intake of our local gin, another also killed his family after getting himself drunk, a young man also met his untimely death during a drinking competition and the most recent one happens to be a Police officer who doubled as a bartender, took the laws into his hands and unlawfully cuffed a customer for owing him two cedis after drinking Akpeteshi from his spot.

These and other reports coming from the Western region has drawn the attention of the National leadership of the association hence the need for the executives to visit the region to educate members on responsible and safe drinking to help curb alcohol abuse in the region.

The three day tour will be climax on the 23rd of February 2023 at Santsi spot and Jerusalem home lodge at Apowa, Ghacem junction in Takoradi.

We are therefore calling on the IGP to invite the Police officer for proper interrogation and sanctions.

We also like to use this medium to call on the security service, distillers, distributors, Regional
Minister and all stakeholders to support our awareness in the region. God bless our members; God bless our homeland Ghana.