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The young lady captured in a sex tape in Wa has fled her home following the public flogging at the Wa-Naa’s palace last week.

Meira (not her real name), one of two persons in the sex tape, is believed to be living with some friends after sustaining injuries to her back and buttocks from the 20 lashes she received at the palace.

Family of the traumatized Meira say they have tried several times, without success, to locate her and get her to undergo medical care.

Assembly member for the Sokpayiri Electoral Area, Adams Abubakari, who speaks for the family, told TV3 the Social Welfare Department has been unable to locate the victim as a result as of the time of filing this report.

“I had a call from the Social Welfare Director who asked to come and see the victim and offer some support,” he recounted.

He said, “Meira’s mother revealed she did not know her whereabouts. I told her to try and reach her via phone so we arrange for the social welfare team’s visit.”

Mother of the victim, according to the assembly member, has not seen her daughter for days.

“I called the Social Welfare Office to inform them about the situation. We have not seen her for days.”

Adams Abubakari revealed the victim, who has now gone into hiding, has a mental health condition which she has been battling since childhood.

“As long as we get her, we would take her to the Social Welfare office for the medical care.”

He told the team, “Meira has been battling mental health related challenges for many many years.”

“She underwent some treatment for the condition when she was young.

“It was, however, not successful and since then she has occasions when she acts abnormally.”

Meanwhile, the traumatized Meira says she dreads returning home to the humiliation and name-calling.

“I don’t want to go home, I am safe in this hideout. I cannot also go back to the bus terminal where I used to work, because of stigma.”

The victim who is still suffering pain from last week’s flogging incident says she feels worse from additional pain from an operation she had in her abdomen at childbirth, a couple of years ago.

She wants a fresh lease of life, so she can get back on her feet, again after all of this is over.

Source: Komla Adom||Ghana