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At the Wa Technical Institute in the Wa municipality of the Upper West region, three students have been arrested by the police for allegedly attacking their housemaster.

The school authorities filed a complaint to the police after the incident Tuesday, July 25, 2023, regarding the vicious assault on the teacher.

The Housemaster was reportedly rushed to the Wa Municipal Hospital for urgent treatment after sustaining severe injuries.

OnuaOnline is learning that the Housemaster, Ishmail Musah Froko, was on a routine monitoring visit and got attacked at the House two block of the Institute.

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Whilst one student was arrested for assaulting the housemaster, two others were apprehended for assaulting a student who intervened to rescue the assaulted teacher.

The headmaster of the school has told parents and guardians that the safety of their wards was a priority, assuring them that the situation was under control.

He urged parents to take a keen interest in the development of their children’s behaviour and conduct.

The three students involved in the attack have been detained by the police to aid in ongoing investigations.

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