Abdel-Fatau Musah is ECOWAS Peace and Security Commissioner
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A key fallout from the Day One of the two-day meeting of the ECOWAS Committee of Chiefs of Defence Staff is to use military force to restore democracy to Niger if diplomacy fails.

The West African military chiefs are having a two-day meeting in Accra to coordinate a possible intervention of the military in Niger if the talks to get the military junta return power to the ousted president hits a snag.

The ECOWAS Peace and Security Commissioner, Abdel-Fatau Musah, said almost all member states were committed to contributing troops and are ready to intervene in Niger.

The Generals from the ECOWAS group of nations, according to Abdel-Fatau, are prepared to use force to oust the military leader but are however, waiting for them to pull back from the brink.

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Meanwhile, the military governments in Mali and Burkina Faso have promised to side with their counterparts in Niger with high hopes of the Guinean government also joining forces with them.

Other nations have also opted out of the operation even though they have not made any intentions to declare their support for the military junta.

The intervention threats, have, meanwhile, raised fears of an escalated conflict following the decisions taken by the other military governments.

ECOWAS officials say they have opened their doors for external support despite deploying their limited resources to support the troops.

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