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Primetime Limited, producers of the National Science and Maths Quiz has responded to claims by Prempeh College indicating that the second semi-final contest that saw them out of the competition was fraught with injustice.

In a protest written by the coordinators of the school’s NSMQ and Old Boys’ Association on behalf of the school, it indicated that a riddle which was correctly answered by their team was marked wrong despite getting the answer correct.

In the said letter, Prempeh College stated the riddle, the team’s response and made analysis with diagrams substantiating their claim.

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In a response provided by the organisers and posted on NSMQ X page, formerly, Twitter, it said it places “premium to fairness in the adjudication of contests to all participating schools” adding that “Primetime has no interest whatsoever, in which school wins, or loses a contest, or, ultimately, the championship trophy. We place a very high premium on the integrity of the programme and so go to great lengths, too numerous to recount here, to protect it.”

“While we greatly appreciate Prempeh College’s keen interest and passion for the NSMQ, we draw the line at insinuations of bias and attempts to favour some schools. We place premium on fairness to all participating schools, which is why we allow protests from schools, to ensure that there is fairness in the adjudication of contests,” the statement indicated.

The statement further noted that “the ability to protest a question, answer, or mode of adjudication is not a new one and we would like Prempeh College to use the procedure described in the NSMQ Rules to address their grievances, rather than to resort to a smear campaign on social media.”

“Sullying the reputation of the competition is not an action one takes when one is truly gracious in defeat; disagreeing, but accepting the outcome in good faith is graciousness in defeat,” it added.

Find the full statement through the link below and the explanation the Quiz Mistress and the Physics Consultant gave in reaction to the answer provided by Prempeh College.

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