Jennifer Dede Afagbedzi is MCE for Madina La Nkwantanan
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Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of Madina La Nkwatanan, Jennifer Dede Adjabeng, has stated that the assembly is working with the police to prosecute the developer who was putting up the collapsed three-storey building at Adentan.

According to the MCE, the assembly told the developer on April 20 to discontinue work but choose to disobey the order and work on weekends and holidays.

Whilst working on the project Monday, May 1, 2023, which was a holiday, the structure collapsed and claimed one life, injuring 8 others under the debris.

Additionally, the MCE noted the accident scene which was supposed to be a security zone and cordoned from the public by the police and other security agencies was breached, with this developer clearing the place with a bulldozer.

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“This developer has no permit and he hasn’t applied for permit to build. So we stopped him. But instead of him to obey the order and follow regulations, he decided to work on weekends and holidays. So from Friday, Saturday was a weekend, Sunday, Monday was a holiday so he will bring many labourers so that they can work and by the time the assembly comes to work on Tuesday, there will be no workers on site but you’ll see work progress,” she told Regina Akua Sarpomaa of Onua News.

The MCE added they will cooperate with the police to ensure the developer who has been arrested is prosecuted.

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