98-year-old Francis Nokoe narrates how the name Attibrukusu became a stool name in the Axim Paramouncy
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98-year-old Francis Nokoe has been telling the story of the Axim people, where they migrated from, where they first settled before moving to their recent location, how they came by the name Axim among others.

Among the keypoints that came up at the conversation with Mr. Nokoe was how the first overlord of the Lower Axim paramountcy beared the name, Attibrukusu.

The current paramount chief of the Lower Axim traditional area is Awulae Attibrukusu III.

The arrival of the Portuguese from the Elmina Castle to the shores of Axim was reported by some young children who had earlier thought the whites were some strange beings that emerged from the sea.

When they visited the second time and saw the bottles of wine at the shore, they took them and got drank, slept off and they were taken to Elmina by the whites.

When the indigenes thought those children, three in number, were missing, the whites brought them back after some time.

According to Mr. Nokoe, because neither the Portuguese understood the Nzema language nor the vice versa, sign languages became a key part of their mode of communication.

Meanwhile, the oldest among the three children that were taken to Elmina by the Portuguese, was called Attibrukusu, and he appeared to communicate better with the whites than the others, became more of an interpreter and gained prominence among the locals, even more than their leader, who was called Amanguaa.

Mr. Nokoe tells Captain Smart at the Thursday, September 7, 2023, edition of the People’s Assembly, how all these events unfolded.

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