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The paramount chief of the Lower Axim traditional area has bemoaned the erratic supply of premix fuel for his subjects which is affecting their fishing work. His comments come few hours after some fishers had disclosed that they use petrol for their outboard motors due to lack of premix. 

The chief, who had earlier complained of low stock of fish in the enclave due to galamsey activities by politicians, questioned the government if residents of Axim have wronged the state.

He has asked the President not to hate on his people and provide them their share of the national cake to rob shoulders with others in terms of development..

Speaking at the 2023 grand durbar of the Axim Kundum festival, Awulae Attibrukusu III reminded the government that the Axim people were also part of Ghana and deserved to be supplied the fuel which the community’s livelihood is dependent on.

“The premix, ask the Axim people, it doesn’t come so we won’t let them dupe us to say the premix has been coming whilst it doesn’t. What I want to ask is if residents of Axim have wronged the nation as the reason for which we are not getting the premix. I plead with the government to know that we (Axim) are also part of Ghana,” he pointed out.

The Omanhene expressed the need to speak truth to power irrespective of how he would be tagged. He is surprised the Western region has been providing so much resources for the state for ages but has nothing to write home about when it comes to development.

“Mr. President, we want to inform you through this medium not to hate on us. Without any fear we will say it. And they will say Attibrukusu is not a good person, I’m a good person but what we are saying is that Western region we’ve lagged behind. Why do we have to lag behind? Help us because we’ve not committed any crime against government. Our roads are poor, our water is poor, whilst we are the ones helping [the country],” he bewailed in Twi.

Meanwhile, the Awulae disagrees with those who claim they are not being developed as a result of conflit. He says if any of the ministers were from his region, they would have lobbied for their road to be fixed for them.

“People have also been saying chiefs in the Western region love litigation, let’s ask ourselves how many of the cabinet ministers are from the Western region.

“If the Roads minister was from Axim, he would have fixed our road after using it from Takoradi to this place. We plead with the government to at least get some of his cabinet ministers from the Western region. We called on the president to get us some but we didn’t even get one. The Health minister, Education minister, Energy, Roads and Highways, Foreign Affairs are all not ours.

He belittled the only ministerial position occupied by a son of his land which he said cannot foster any development for his people.

“What we got was State Enterprise and I want to know if we would gain anything from State Enterprise [minister].”

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